Our Story

Polished Academy began as Polished by Donna in 2007 and was started by Donna Bourne, a British born, international model with contacts in the modelling industry here in Australia. Donna's personal journey from tall, skinny red headed teen that was bullied at school to a confident international model and successful business woman developed the foundations for her agency here in Australia. Her vision was to create an place that fostered self confidence in young people and that provided training not only for a career in the modelling industry but for any career.


After 12 years of dedication to Polished Academy, serving the youth and adults of the Central Coast and Newcastle, Donna handed her business over to Kelly Denley in early 2019. Kelly Denley is also no stranger to the challenges our youth face when dealing with low self worth, anxiety and bullying. As a mother of 8 she knows first hand how damaging these factors are to young people. Kelly's passion for helping young people and experience in the Arts along with her knowledge of teen challenges makes her the perfect person to head Polished Academy as it continues to nurture talent into the future.  

Kelly Jane Creations Pty Limited Trading as Polished Academy ABN 31 632 207 713