A Message From Polished Academy

In our increasingly fast paced world, anxiety, low self worth, social media pressure and a decline in basic everyday etiquette is changing the way we view both ourselves and others. Now more than ever before our young people need time to develop attributes and skills that will see them capable of facing challenges in their stride. At Polished Academy our belief is that a strong sense of worth, grown out of self-love, emotional knowledge and personal identity are the foundations young people need to become emotionally strong and resilient.  
Our Vision is to provide avenues by which our young people can arm themselves with the skills necessary for them to succeed throughout their lives, whether that is simply in their social and family relationships, their education or career goals as they step into adulthood.  

We thank you for supporting our vision and  encourage you to visit us again soon as we develop our offering for all ages. 

Kelly Jane Creations Pty Limited Trading as Polished Academy ABN 31 632 207 713